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All tablets repaired with expert care

With twenty plus years’ experience we are genuine tablet repair experts and promise to repair your tablet with complete satisfaction guaranteed. Our skilled technicians have a complete understanding of 0f all brands of tablets. We have successfully repaired a range of models from Tesco Hudles, I-pads, Google Nexus and Samsung Tabs.

We will offer speedy repair and  excellent service throughout. We have fixed the following problems;

Screen issues

Your tablets screen is the key to using your tablet successfully. We have experience in fixing these problems. Often a non-responsive touch screen is due to an issue with your device’s RAM, we can update and upgrade this to have your tablet working as good as new. We also offer replacement screens. At sarema, we are tablet repair experts which makes self fixing screens unnecessary complicated and time consuming.

Power & battery problems

This can often be caused by an app that is taking a lot of power from your battery. However, it can also be caused by a faulty battery of charger malfunction. Bring it into the tablet repair experts at sarema and we’ll have it good as new in no time.

Liquid Spills

This is an increasingly common problem and one that can seriously harm your tablet’s performance. Accidents happen and although self-fixing is an issue, it can also be better to take your tablet into be fixed. We have done this countless times.


We will not be beaten, no challenge is too big, bring your laptop into us now. Or call us on 01274 503486

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