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Computer/Laptop Overheating Repair

computer overheating

Computer/Laptop Overheating Repair

If your PC is hotter than it should be or begins to turn off when you don’t want it to, you have an overheating problem which needs urgent repair. Our experts will assess your machine and ensure that it returns to full health and optimum performance without any overheating problems. We have over 20 years’ experience in Computer/Laptop Overheating Repair.

Computer/Laptop Overheating Repair?
Computer/Laptop Overheating Repair?

We support a wide variety of issues with overheating computers. The most common are below.

  • Computer begins to turn off
  • Motherboard malfunction
  • Loud noise coming from the fan
  • Laptop / computer is hot to the touch
  • Electrical surge
  • Build up of dust or other foreign bodies
  • Malfunctioning Fan

How will Sarema computers repair your overheating computer/laptop?

  • Diagnose the problem and provide you with a cost effective solution
  • Give you a clear, flat price for the solution
  • Provide a prompt over heating service